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The Sexton Family
Wilton, CA
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Past Puppies
Trey x Spice
June 20, 2009
Gunner x Diva
June 25, 2009
Ben x Spice
September 2008

"Tony" is now named Ozzie and lives with Ryan Clancy in Danville, CA with one of Diva's puppies, Abbie.
"Milli" is now named Boo and lives with Kim Demers in Morgan Hill, CA
"Jay" is now named Diogie and lives in San Francisco, CA with Dan and Shanna

"Mya" now answers to Sammie and lives with Nate and Jen Sorenson in Dublin, CA
"Faith" is now our girl Cinnamon!
"Dash" is now named Abbie and lives with her friend, Ozzie and Ryan Clancy in Danville, CA
"JD" now answers to the name Rocky and is owned by the Reyes Family in Herald, CA
Working on updating!

Our First Litter Ever!
Sugar x Nike
January 2007
"Prada" now lives in Bonanza, OR with her sister Roxi and the Nelson Family
Nike x Sugar
July 2007
"Leon" is now named Lucas and lives in Ludlow, Vermont with his owner, Amy Balogh
"Roxi"  now lives in Bonanza, OR with her sister, Prada, and the Nelson Family
"Tyson" is now named Spur and lives in Galt, CA
Ben x Sugar
July 2008
"Clyde", "Boss", and "Diego"
"Fergie" is now named Coco and lives in the East Bay
"Echo" now answers to the name Ace and lives with the Eisenhauer Family
"Charlie" now goes by Marley lives in El Dorado Hills, CA with Melanie Drewes
"Colby" now lives in Dublin, CA with Chris Kirstein

"Eva" is now named Molly Rose and lives with the Beck family in Sacramento, CA
Buckwheat x Spice
January 2010
"Achilles" is now named Murphy and lives with Courtney Lenihan in Elk Grove, CA

"Demeter" is now Monkey and is owned by Kelly Senna

"Hera" lives with Josh Charleson in Stockton, CA.
"Zeus" now comes to Rallo and is owned by Alyssa Avila
"Athena" is now named Gemini and is owned by Misha Fitzwater in Sacramento, CA

Ben x Sugar
March 2010
Tank x Dolly
April 2010
"Hercules" now lives in Rio Vista, CA
"Crackle" now responds to Addiline and lives with Brett Stivason in Oxnard, CA
"Snap" now answers to Kiwi and is owned by the Evolas
in Napa, CA

"Pop"now named Nemo and lives with the Smith family in Folsom, CA

Ben x Envy
September 2010
"Gordo" now lives in Folsom, CA
"Miranda" is now our beautiful girl, Trendy.
Nash x Dolly
November 2010
"Dakota" is now named Rusty and lives with Sacheen Lelli and Family in Palo Alto, CA
"Dixie" now lives with Bethany Rose and Family in Clayton, CA
"Daisy" is now owned by Thane and Sarah Knutson in Napa, CA
Buckwheat x Buttercup
January 2011
"Rosa" is now named Sadie and lives with Barbara and Ken Endicott in Sacramento, CA
"Martin" is now named Porter and lives with our daughter, Chelsea, in Sacramento, CA
"Luther" now lives with Jennifer Barry and her son, Bryce, in Dixon, CA.
"Venus" is now named Ellie and lives with the Turrin Family in Concord, CA
"Kendra" is now our adorable girl, Barbie!
"Apollo" is now named Foster and is owned by Cynthia Lagodzinski and family in Livermore, CA
"Ares" is now Toby and lives with Ryan and Dominique Menges
Cody now belongs to Sheri Rogers and lives in the East Bay
"Sprite" became Hannah and went to live with Jim and Kim Laatsch in Valley Springs, CA
"Beyonce" is now named Ella and lives with the Moore family and her half brother, Dozer, in Herald, CA
"Cupid" is now named Bungee and lives with Kevin and Pamela Kirby in Fair Oaks, CA
"Heff" now goes by Dozer and lives with his half sister, Ella, and the Moore Family in Herald, CA
"Diego" is now Auzzie and lives with the Thrashers in Novato, CA
"Bandit" now lives with his sister, "Belle" in Pleasant Hill, CA with Ju and Yongmin
"Ariel" now lives with Kathryn from Fairfield, CA
"Tiana" is now named Dory and lives with Stephen and Andrea Knies in Irvine, CA

Buckwheat x Cinnamon
March 2011
"Vandal" now goes by Buster and lives with Michele and Dan Wolf in Oakland, CA
Buckwheat x Envy
March 2011
"Belle" is now named Pang and lives with Ju, Yongmin, and her brother, "Bandit" in Pleasant Hill, CA
"Hooligan" now lives in El Dorado Hills
"Raider" now goes by Voxel and lives in Hayward, CA
"Outlaw" is now named Jackson and lives in San Jose, CA with Jennifer and Piper.
Buckwheat x Buttercup
August 2011
"Kourtney" now comes to Olive and lives with Zach and Kiki Turrin in Martinez, CA
"Khloe" now goes by Lilly and lives with Kelli Trapani in Sacramento, CA
Buckwheat x Envy
October 2011
"Tito" lives in Irvine, CA
"Randy" lives in Jamestown, CA.
"Marlon" is now named Cook and lives in New York City with Bivian Reyes.
"Michael" now lives in San Francisco with Ligaya Tichy.
"Jermaine" lives with the Harndens in Escalon, CA
Buckwheat x Spice
October 2011
"Macchiato" now comes to Bronson and lives with the Sanchez family in Pebble Beach, CA
"Latte" is now named Zola and lives in San Francisco, CA with the Ricchetti family!
"Mocha" is now Mocah and lives with Natalie and Katie Catassi in Pacifica, CA
Nash x Trendy
May 2012
River x Cinnamon
May 2012
"Oahu" now lives in Antioch with the Posey family and goes by the name Diesel.
"Maui" is now named Paisley and lives with Jackie and her kids, Jenessa and Ryan.
"Mahalo" is now named Chili and lives with the Glicks in Vallejo, CA.
"Molokai" is now named Toby and lives in Folsom with his new girl, Dominique and the rest of the Carbonel family.
"Lanai" lives in Palo Alto with Yoni and Lexi Riemer!
"Lava" now lives in Willits with the Pimlott family and his new little girl, Katie!
"Hilo" is now named Kai and lives in Santa Barbara as a college dog with Katie Dolan!
"Kauai" now comes to Louis and lives with Kelly and Betsy in San Clemente!
"Rob" is now Rudy and lives with his brother, Sydney, and the Talaugon family in Tracy, CA