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Purchase Agreement and Guarantee
Puppy Contract
The following terms and conditions are agreed between Designer Mini Aussies, herein referred to as the Seller/Breeder and _______________________________________(name), herein referred to as Buyer, ____________________________________________________(address), ________________________________________________________________(city, state, zip),
______________________________(phone number).
This is to certify that the DOG/PUPPY described as __________________________________, born on ___________________ herein referred to as “the DOG/PUPPY” was sold on ________________ (date), for the total sum of $_____________________ which is hereby acknowledged as received.  If the amount given is a deposit, partial or down payment, the sum of $____________ was received and the amount of $__________________ is due and payable on or before ________________________.  Buyer is responsible for paying full shipping costs, including appropriate sized crate and health certificate.
The DOG/PUPPY is a purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd sired by _____________________________________________________________________; dam is _______________________________________________________.  Registration application with ASDR will be given at time of purchase.
Seller/Breeder guarantees that the DOG/PUPPY is healthy and free of known contagious diseases and has had vaccination(s) appropriate for its age at the time of this agreement.  The Buyer agrees to have the DOG/PUPPY examined by a licensed veterinarian within two (2) days of receipt of the puppy, excluding weekends.  IF the DOG/PUPPY is determined to be in poor health, as evidenced by a veterinarian’s written statement, the Buyer can elect to keep the DOG/PUPPY, assuming all costs for its care, or may return the DOG/PUPPY for a DOG/PUPPY of equal value upon a receipt of the veterinarian’s statement regarding the DOG’S/PUPPY’S health.  This provision will expire 48 hours after Buyer takes possession of the DOG/PUPPY, weekends excluded.
Seller/Breeder will not give any guarantees for color of eyes or height the DOG/PUPPY may be.  Breeder can only guess what the size may be depending on the height of the DOG/PUPPY’S parents.  Eye color will be determined at 8 weeks of age, but can change colors as the DOG/PUPPY ages, especially green or amber.
Buyer certifies, by signing this agreement, that the DOG/PUPPY will live with the Buyer, will have adequate exercise, nutritious food and necessary health care by a licensed veterinarian, including appropriate vaccinations, and thereafter, yearly vaccinations including rabies.  Buyer also certifies, by signing this agreement that he/she is not acting as an agent in this purchase; that the Buyer will not resell this DOG/PUPPY to a pet store, guard dog business, or medical research facility.
Seller/Breeder offers a 30 month guarantee against genetic defects in your new puppy, which include epilepsy, hip, or eye problems. We will give you a replacement puppy (same sex and color) if the OFA rating is below "fair" or the dogs' eyes do not pass CERF, still allowing you to keep your first pet. Any claim of a defect must be accompanied with written proof by a licensed veterinarian.  Seller/Breeder makes no guarantee regarding the loss of the DOG/PUPPY because of accidental death, theft, sickness, any kind of worms, etc., or any other loss beyond the Seller/Breeder’s control, except as stated above.
Breeding of this puppy shall indicate that the Buyer believes, to the best of their ability, that said puppy is free from genetic defects covered by this guarantee and said guarantee will be null and void!
This contract is non-transferable.  Should Buyer decide to sell the DOG/PUPPY at any time, Buyer agrees to notify the Seller/Breeder.  Should Buyer relinquish ownership of said DOG/PUPPY, his contract shall be deemed null and void.  If at anytime the Buyer is unable to keep said puppy please contact us.  We will be happy to help you place your dog in a good home.  No refund of money or replacement puppy will be offered under these circumstances.  At no time should you take your DOG/PUPPY to a shelter/pound. 
Although there are no plans at present to stop breeding Miniature Australian Shepherds, the above guarantees are valid only so long as Breeder is breeding said dogs.  Should Breeder cease breeding said dogs, for any reason, this Contract will become null and void.  In the event of a dispute, the state of California will have jurisdiction over the matter.
Buyer _______________________________________________  Date __________________
Breeder ______________________________________________  Date __________________
We offer a 30 month health guarantee against genetic issues in all of our puppies. Raising healthy puppies is a priority
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50% of Aussies carry the MDR1 mutation so we advise that you do not give your Mini heartworm or any dewormer that contains Ivermectin. It can be fatal. Because MDR1 is so common in all herding breeds, we, along with all other breeders, do not consider this a genetic issue. It is important that you do not ever give your mini aussie any ivermec products, including Heartguard. Giving your dog Hearguard will void this guarantee.
Dogs that have the MDR1 mutation are also sensitive to Immodium and other medications. For the full list, research the MDR1 mutation.